Burnett J. Tappel, III

Burnett J. Tappel, III

Chief Executive Officer

909 Poydras Street
Suite 1750
New Orleans, LA 70112

Direct: (855) 866-8524
Fax: (504) 210-1404
Email: btappel@FInsurance.net

Burnie launched his career in 1998, with Norex Insurance Brokers, Ltd. in the Lloyds market. After gaining experience placing international shipping, war risk, and U.S. marine and energy liabilities, he returned to Louisiana and co-founded and managed Southern Cross Brokers, Ltd., where he developed and refined his knowledge in the marine and energy sectors.

As his knowledge in these specialized fields grew, Burnie moved to the Rosenthal Agency in New Orleans, where he focused on business development of marine and energy-related clients, and then on to USI Southwest, where he managed a book of business with more than $25 million in annual premiums.

Now as the leader of the First Insurance, Inc., Burnie brings more than 20 years of experience and an international perspective to each project. Primarily, he partners with larger, complex, high-risk companies. At various times, Burnie serves as risk analyst, contract interpreter and negotiator, client advocate, advisor and account manager.