Risk Management

Risk Management

Companies today face an array of risks and exposures that threaten to cripple their business. First Insurance, Inc. can help small businesses and multi-national corporations alike find the coverage they need to protect their assets from the expected – and unexpected – financial calamities of their industry.First Insurance, Inc. has the experience to address any potential hazards for clients – from government/regulatory risk to the perils of weather and natural disasters –offering craft-tailored strategies and solutions to handle their individual needs.

The process of creating customized solutions for clients involves:

  • Analyzing risk, threats and hazards faced by the industry and the individual business
  • Determining specific strategies by setting client objectives and evaluating market conditions
  • Working as Strategic Partners to implement the Risk Management program


First Insurance, Inc. works closely with clients in order to completely understand their businesses, operations and exposures. We analyze their current policies to identify any deficiencies or gaps in coverage, and review contractual obligations (e.g. master service agreements, indemnity provisions, and insurance requirements).

Our team researches all losses resulting from claims and claims-related expenses to discover trends in claim payments. These findings are then reported to underwriters and agencies in order to help us determine the best strategies for our clients. This complex process may entail negotiations, contract editing, facilitating P&I club or mutual entry coverage, and other means of transferring risk. Our combined practical experience and depth of industry knowledge enables First Insurance, Inc. to deliver innovative solutions and resolve challenging issues in your favor.